If We Build it…They Will Definitely Come!

With all the rain we’ve had recently the severe lack of field space in Fairfax County becomes all the more obvious–in fact,  Fairfax County could probably use 100’s of “Fields of Dreams”. But in these tight budget times it’s fair to say we likely won’t be seeing the kind of new field construction the county’s many, many athletic programs could support.  

The truth is, the ABGC may not be able to grow and serve additional youth if additional field space is not allocated for our club’s use in the future.  We have the systems, structure and organization to serve more youth, but not the field space.  While the club has sufficient space currently, we are bumping up against the limit.

In order to serve such a large group of youth involves important partnerships.   The biggest partner we have is Fairfax County, where we work closely with the Schools and Park System to make efficient use of the public facilities we support collectively as citizens and taxpayers.

We want to be proactive about managing the field shortage situation, but need your help.  If you work for Fairfax County or know some of the executives or elected officials, please discuss this situation with them.  If you have suggestions as to how to positively address this challenge, please contact our President, Kip Germain, through the ABGC office at 703-941-4411.

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