Did You Know?

The Annandale Boys & Girls Club (ABGC) does so much more than organize teams. We want to make you aware of the huge commitment that the club makes in order to give your players the best sports experience possible:  

  • ABGC lines the vast majority of the outdoor fields. 
  • We supplement the cutting of the fields, mowing about 55% of the fields weekly.  
  • We aerate, seed and fertilize every field seasonally.  
  • We provide landscape blankets during the winter, stake and tape-off the fields during the summer. 
  • We remove rocks and grade the low spots out of the fields. 

All of these expenses are paid for by the ABGC, using ABGC equipment and completed by the ABGC staff.

 We have been talking up the huge growth in the number of youth served by the ABGC over the past few years.  We have more than 5,000 families we serve in all with current or recent sports participants totaling over 12,000 players.

Thanks to all of our families, players and volunteers ABGC continues to thrive and grow!

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