Annandale Boys’ & Girls’ Club, Inc.

is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, (more commonly known for marketing purposes as Annandale Boys & Girls Club or ABGC) providing recreational and competitive multi-sport activities for youth in the Northern Virginia area.

The club has been operating since 1959 from its main office in downtown Annandale.  The club also operates a Bingo Hall on Friday and Saturday nights in nearby Alexandria and has a Sports Center a few miles from Annandale in Springfield, VA. (see “Sport & Activity Locations” in the side navigation bar for specific locations and directions).

The club has produced seven national championship soccer teams, as well as many state and regional championship teams.  Several professional football and soccer players developed their skills in the club, including the club’s President, Kip Germain. The club has many sports programs for youth and a few affiliated programs for adult fitness.

Soccer programs for youth Pre-K to 4th grade are provided through Recreation Soccer. Youths ages 10-19 can participate in Suburban Friendship League (SFL) Soccer. On a competitive selection basis, some are asked to participate in Travel Soccer, which involves travel to tournaments around the state, the country, and sometimes outside the U.S.

Soccer programs also include camp sessions – three in the Summer and one in the Spring – where players can develop their skills, and Winter Indoor Soccer. In addition to year-round soccer programs, the club has

Fall Sports: Football, Cheerleading, Field Hockey and T-Ball;

Winter Sports: Basketball and Wrestling; and

Spring Sports: Lacrosse, and T-Ball. Boxing is available year-round.

Affiliated programs held at ABGC facilities for adults include Jazzercise, Zumba, and Tai Chi. Programs for youth include Kung Fu.

CONTACT US:  The Annandale Boys & Girls Club(ABGC) operates with a small staff and lots of volunteers.  You can email us, contact our main telephone number, or contact a specific staff or volunteer leader.

Our direct email is: abgc@abgc.org 

To contact a specific staff member or volunteer leader, click on the following hyperlink to open a print definition file (pdf) which can be referenced or printed for your use: ABGC Contact Directory.

The club’s main office hours are Monday through Friday 3 PM until 7 PM and Saturday 9 AM until 12 noon.

The main telephone number is 703-941-4411 and the fax number is 703-941-4412. Our main office is located at 7236A Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003.

For a map Click here.

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