ABGC Football Players Talk Shop With Jon Gruden

Last Saturday, Dick’s Sporting Goods and ESPN sponsored the James Lee Razorback’s and Annandale Boys & Girls Club Bulldog’s annual bowl game at the Razorback’s stadium. ESPN Monday night football analyst and broadcaster, former NFL Head Coach, Jon Gruden was the guest/host and even did some play-by-play calling.

Jon greeted the teams, shook hands with players, coaches fans and our commissioner. The 2015 Northern Virginia Football “Player of the Year,” Annandale’s Brian Boyd, was the Bulldog’s player representative and was also interviewed by Coach Gruden.

After the game, Coach Gruden gathered both teams together for a pep talk about football.  He wished both programs the best of luck on our upcoming season and presented Dick’s Sporting Goods and ESPN t-shirts and blocking dummy pads to both programs.

Jon Gruden, Dick’s and ESPN also presented both clubs with a $2,000 check on behalf of their sponsorship program.  We thank them all for their support and you can be sure Annandale football will put that money to good use.

It was a great day for Annandale football!!!!!


Congrats to ABGC Football Commissioner, Robert Meadows

ABGC Football Commissioner, Robert Meadows, has been inducted into the Northern Virginia Football League Hall of Fame.  Robert has been an Annandale coach and Commissioner for more than two decades.  He’s coached teams from the Ankle biter to 155 pound divisions, including many playoff teams.  He was the 2009 Coach of the Year and lead the 95 pound Central Division team to the County Championship that year.

Congrats and thank you to Robert for his many years of service and commitment to football in Annandale and Northern Virginia!

ABGC’s Robert Meadows Inducted into the NOVA Football Hall of Fame

RobertMeadows_headshotABGC Football Commissioner Robert Meadows will be inducted into Northern Virginia’s Football Hall of Fame on March 13, 2016.  Robert has been our Commissioner and coach for 21 years.  His leadership has consistently produced 5-8 Annandale teams playing each year in the Northern Virginia Football League. Robert has coached from the Ankle biter Division to the 155lbs Division and has led a playoff team 15 different times in that weight class level. During the 2009 football season, Robert led the 95lb Central Division team to win the Northern Virginia County Championship and was selected “2009 Coach of the Year.” He returned to the championship again during the 2012 football season when he led the 75lbs National Division team to the runner-up position in the Northern Virginia Championship game.

Robert is also ABGC’s “Player Safety Coach” making him responsible for providing coaches, parents, and players information on drills and safety tips.  ABGC, continues working with the Northern Virginia Football League, taking every step possible to ensure the game is safe for all of our players.

ABGC is so thankful to have Robert as a member of our family and congratulates him on his accomplishments and well-deserved honor as a 2016 inductee to the Northern Virginia Football Hall of Fame.

Yay, Robert!


Jalen Walker – ABGC Player of the Year

Contributed by Robert Meadows, ABGC Football Commissioner

Jalen Walker has been selected ABGC’s “Player of the Year” at the 80lbs Central Division level in the Northern Virginia Football League.  Jalen played QB, OLB, and Safety. Jalen also used his God-given athleticism to return Punts and Kickoffs.

Jalen provided his team with positive offensive and defensive plays and was never afraid of contact; he excelled on the defensive side of the field consistently leading the team in tackles per game.  He also showed leadership skills on and off the field, leading his teammates by example.

Jalen practices throwing and running football plays during his off-time and watches football games every chance he gets.  He is a fiery leader on the field and is not afraid to adjust his teammates to line up or be in position on the field.  He always displayed good sportsmanship by helping the opposing team’s players get up after the play is over. His dream is to be a football player when he grows up.


Jalen attends North Springfield Elementary School where he excels in the areas of math and athletics. He is considered the fastest kid at his school and his teachers and staff love his his positive attitude. He is on the school’s trusted Patrol team, plays travel basketball, and soccer and attends church with his family.

ABGC congratulates Jalen Walker for been selected as ABGC “Player of the Year.”

ABGC Football Playoff Action Begins!

Calling the play

ABGC football teams are certainly no strangers to end-of-season play as this year’s 2015 season marks the 21st year in a row ABGC football teams will be competing in the Fairfax County Youth Football League (FCYFL) playoffs.

This year ABGC has two teams facing playoff action: the Anklebiters Team led by Thaddeus Hush and the 115lb Team led by Brian Ecton.

The 115lb team will begin its quarter-final Wednesday, November 4th vs Dulles South at Sandburg Intermediate School beginning at 7:30pm.  The Anklebiters will compete in their semi-final game on Saturday, November 7th vs BRYC at Waters Field in Vienna beginning at 12:00 noon.

Please come out and support our ABGC teams as they compete to become Champions.

AGBC Celebrates New Turf at Annandale High School

The Annandale Boys & Girls Club proudly donated $70,000 to Annandale High School to build two new turf fields for the school.  Those fields have already been put to good use during the 2015 Fall season and the official ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the Annandale-Woodson Varsity football game on Friday, September 25th.

Providing turf means so much more to the Annandale HS community than just having an improved playing field, including:

  • Annual Savings of $39,000 in Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Significant Reduction ‘in Injuries, Including 50% Decrease in Cranial Cervical injuries
  • No Lost Time or Costs Related to Transportation to Other Fields for Practice
  • Ensure Teams Play on Home Field if Earn Home Field Advantage
  • No Down Time Because of Weather or Yearly Maintenance (Seeding or Sodding)
  • Improves local environment by eliminating storm runoff that now carries fertilizer, pesticides and marking paint
  • Fields Would Benefit Multiple ANNANDALE Sports Teams, Band and PE Classes
  • Ability for Use by Community Recreation Leagues as well as Community Events and Camps
  • High Potential for Revenue Generation from Hosting Potential Playoff & Championship Games

ABGC is proud to continue fulfilling our commitment to the Annandale community.

Ready for Some Football? ABGC is!!

It’s time to start gearing up for ABGC football.  Registration for the fall season has begun plus our Football Summer camp still has some openings, so don’t delay.

Fall 2015 Football

What:              Fall Football

Who:                Individual Players: (ages 7 – 16)

When:              Registration:      May 11, 2015 to August 28, 2015

Where:            Online Registration at www.abgc.org

or at ABGC Office:
4216 Annandale Rd.
Annandale, VA 22003

Monday – Friday:        Time: 3:30pm – 7:00pm
Saturday:                     Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm

ABGC Football Camp: 

Where:            Braddock Elementary School

Date:               July 27, 2015 – August 1, 2015

Time:               6:00pm – 7:30pm

Fee:                 Free

Practice Begins:

When:              Monday, August 3, 2015

Where:            Braddock Elementary School

Time:               6:00pm – 8:00pm

For more information contact:

Robert Meadows, ABGC Football Commissioner @ lm1955man@yahoo.com or 703-298-5498.

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Think athletic scholarships are a ‘holy grail’? Think again

NBC_Sports_logo_2012For many young athletes and their families, the dream of playing college sports is very different from the reality

NBC Sports has this terrific look at what it’s really like to be a Division I collegiate athlete. We highly recommend you read the whole article but here are a few excerpts:

“The NCAA tells high school athletes the chances of getting a scholarship in many sports are around 2 percent.

But does the reality of athletic scholarships match the fantasy? Hardly.

While tens of thousands of athletes will head off to visit colleges this fall hoping to be recruited, only a small fraction will make the cut. Even fewer will get scholarships. And for those who do end up playing in college, whether on scholarship or not, the experience may be very different from what they imagined.

In a survey of college athletes by the NCAA asking what students wished they could have changed about their college sports experience, the most common responses were about time. Another NCAA survey found that a typical NCAA athlete in-season spends 39 hours a week on academics—and 33 hours a week on sports.

There are more opportunities every year for elite competition in youth sports, said Lisa Delpy Neirotti, an associate professor of sports management at George Washington University. “People are feeling the need to go because now they’ve got these college showcases and coaches show up, and if you want to get your kid seen, you’d better be there.”

When parents add up how much money they’ve spent each year, it’s almost equal to a scholarship in some cases, she said. Still, Neirotti has felt the pressure herself. She’s done her share of writing checks and traveling for her own children’s sports involvement.

Don Schumacher, executive director of the National Association of Sports Commissions, agrees that parents who expect youth sports involvement to generate a positive financial return in the form of scholarships are off the mark. “You could spend $5,000 to $10,000 a year for three or four years chasing all these tournaments all year long, where if you saved that money and paid the tuition, you’d be ahead,” he said.

“Athletics in many ways is about helping individuals achieve their dreams, and it is about learning how you can push yourself to become better,” said Perko, who was a star basketball player for Wake Forest. “It’s the question of at what point does it become too much.”

Elissa Cordrey, a Summit, N.J., mother of four lacrosse players who has been through the recruiting process with several of her own children, thinks often about that question. She has seen other young athletes have difficulty filtering offers from different schools, and said players and parents can often be blinded by a program’s success or prestige and fail to think about whether that college is right for them.

Luckily for Cordrey, her children have so far had positive experiences at their Division 1 and Division 3 schools. But she is under no illusions about what high-level athletics involve.

“My kids love it and we are thrilled they are making the commitment,” she said. But if the child is playing for the sake of a scholarship, and not for love of the game, be careful, she warned. “Keep your eyes wide open. It’s not high school athletics. In some ways, it’s really exciting. But if your child’s not passionate, you are going to have a lot of teary phone calls.”