Feeling Lucky?

bingoJoin us Friday, April 11th for a big night of Bingo at ABGC!  Here are some of the huge prizes up for grabs this weekend:


Lucky 7  $1,200 if you Bingo in 23 numbers or less

4 Postage stamps $1,100  if you Bingo in 36 numbers or less

Railroad Tracks $1,000 if you bingo in 25 numbers or Less

Bonanza Coverall $1,000 if you Bingo in 50 numbers or less


On Saturday night, Crank it Up progressive Pulltab is worth $8,851 if you Hit the Jackpot.

Bingo is held every Friday and Saturday night, with our doors opening at 3:30 PM. The sales for Session 1 (Early Bird games) start at 4:30 PM, with our games starting promptly at 5:30 PM. Sales for Session 2 (Regular games) start at 7:30 PM with the session beginning at 8:30 PM.

SESSION 1 (Early Bird Games)

Early Bird games starts at 5:30 PM and consist of 6 sets, with each set having 7 games, for a total of 42 games. There is a short break after the first 3 sets are complete, then the next 3 sets are played. Prizes will pay either $50 or $100. The session concludes with a $700 Odd/Even Coverall Jackpot game. In order to play the Jackpot game, you must play at least 3 sets in the session.

SESSION 2 (Regular Games and Late Bird Games)

Regular games start at 8:30 PM, with one break at 9:30 PM and another break before the beginning of our Late Bird games. Regular games pay $100. There are 3 progressive games during this session. There are 2 progressive games during the Regular games, beginning with a 4 Postage Stamp game, which starts at $500 if you win in 30 numbers or less; and a Lucky 7 game, which starts at $500 if you win in 16 numbers. If any progressive game is not won, it will increase by $100 and 1 number per night, until someone wins (example: the next night’s prize would be $600 & 31 numbers, then $700 and 32 numbers, and so on). All progressive games pay a consolation prize of $100 if they are not won in the predetermined amount of numbers. In addition, there is a Police Escort Coverall Jackpot which pays $1,000.


Bingo’s a Blast!

Did you know ABGC runs one of the best Bingo programs in the region?

Not only is playing Bingo fun but it also supports Annandale Boys & Girls Club sports programs, enabling kids to participate in our soccer, basketball, football, cheerleading, T-Ball, and many other activities.

Bingo is held every Friday and Saturday night, with Early Bird Session (43 Games) starting promptly at 6:00 pm, Regular Session (30 Games) at 8:00 pm, and Late Bird Session (11 Games) at 11 pm. Early Bird Prizes pay $50 to $100. Regular Session Prizes pay $100. Late Bird Session Prizes pay $100 to $1,000.


  • We have a smoking and non-smoking section for your convenience. We have over 20 smokeaters for your comfort.
  • Pulltabs are available for purchase.
  • Food is provided by preferred vendors onsite.
  • Security is onsite BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER play.
  • There is ample FREE parking.

Join us for a great night of Bingo @  6200 D Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA 22312.

For more information, call 703-642-9581.  For a copy of our program Click Here.