Jalen Walker – ABGC Player of the Year

Contributed by Robert Meadows, ABGC Football Commissioner

Jalen Walker has been selected ABGC’s “Player of the Year” at the 80lbs Central Division level in the Northern Virginia Football League.  Jalen played QB, OLB, and Safety. Jalen also used his God-given athleticism to return Punts and Kickoffs.

Jalen provided his team with positive offensive and defensive plays and was never afraid of contact; he excelled on the defensive side of the field consistently leading the team in tackles per game.  He also showed leadership skills on and off the field, leading his teammates by example.

Jalen practices throwing and running football plays during his off-time and watches football games every chance he gets.  He is a fiery leader on the field and is not afraid to adjust his teammates to line up or be in position on the field.  He always displayed good sportsmanship by helping the opposing team’s players get up after the play is over. His dream is to be a football player when he grows up.


Jalen attends North Springfield Elementary School where he excels in the areas of math and athletics. He is considered the fastest kid at his school and his teachers and staff love his his positive attitude. He is on the school’s trusted Patrol team, plays travel basketball, and soccer and attends church with his family.

ABGC congratulates Jalen Walker for been selected as ABGC “Player of the Year.”

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