Congrats to ABGC Football Commissioner, Robert Meadows

ABGC Football Commissioner, Robert Meadows, has been inducted into the Northern Virginia Football League Hall of Fame.  Robert has been an Annandale coach and Commissioner for more than two decades.  He’s coached teams from the Ankle biter to 155 pound divisions, including many playoff teams.  He was the 2009 Coach of the Year and lead the 95 pound Central Division team to the County Championship that year.

Congrats and thank you to Robert for his many years of service and commitment to football in Annandale and Northern Virginia!

ABGC’s Robert Meadows Inducted into the NOVA Football Hall of Fame

RobertMeadows_headshotABGC Football Commissioner Robert Meadows will be inducted into Northern Virginia’s Football Hall of Fame on March 13, 2016.  Robert has been our Commissioner and coach for 21 years.  His leadership has consistently produced 5-8 Annandale teams playing each year in the Northern Virginia Football League. Robert has coached from the Ankle biter Division to the 155lbs Division and has led a playoff team 15 different times in that weight class level. During the 2009 football season, Robert led the 95lb Central Division team to win the Northern Virginia County Championship and was selected “2009 Coach of the Year.” He returned to the championship again during the 2012 football season when he led the 75lbs National Division team to the runner-up position in the Northern Virginia Championship game.

Robert is also ABGC’s “Player Safety Coach” making him responsible for providing coaches, parents, and players information on drills and safety tips.  ABGC, continues working with the Northern Virginia Football League, taking every step possible to ensure the game is safe for all of our players.

ABGC is so thankful to have Robert as a member of our family and congratulates him on his accomplishments and well-deserved honor as a 2016 inductee to the Northern Virginia Football Hall of Fame.

Yay, Robert!