ABGC Soccer and the Discovery Channel

The Discovery Channel‘s Global Education Partnership will be using the front third of Mason District Park starting at 5PM today (Friday, September 30th) to film a video using Annandale VCCL U11 to U13 Travel Soccer Players playing soccer.

This video is not just about soccer but about saving lives of children throughout Central America, Latin America and Africa. On completion the Discovery Channel will distribute the video and teaching aids to teachers in schools throughout the Americas and Africa.

The universal game of soccer is being played to get the attention of children everywhere the videos are shown . . . the video’s message is life saving for all the children worldwide who will view this video. The script for the video takes common childhood acts that can easily lead to death in countries where life ending diseases are an everyday fact of life. For example drinking after teammates in some parts of the world can spread fatal diseases. This video will teach life lessons so that children watching it worldwide will grow up healthier to live much longer lives.

For those teams and clinics who will be asked to share our field on Friday evening, we say thank you in advance for helping ABGC participate in this very worthy effort.