ABGC Football Players Talk Shop With Jon Gruden

Last Saturday, Dick’s Sporting Goods and ESPN sponsored the James Lee Razorback’s and Annandale Boys & Girls Club Bulldog’s annual bowl game at the Razorback’s stadium. ESPN Monday night football analyst and broadcaster, former NFL Head Coach, Jon Gruden was the guest/host and even did some play-by-play calling.

Jon greeted the teams, shook hands with players, coaches fans and our commissioner. The 2015 Northern Virginia Football “Player of the Year,” Annandale’s Brian Boyd, was the Bulldog’s player representative and was also interviewed by Coach Gruden.

After the game, Coach Gruden gathered both teams together for a pep talk about football.  He wished both programs the best of luck on our upcoming season and presented Dick’s Sporting Goods and ESPN t-shirts and blocking dummy pads to both programs.

Jon Gruden, Dick’s and ESPN also presented both clubs with a $2,000 check on behalf of their sponsorship program.  We thank them all for their support and you can be sure Annandale football will put that money to good use.

It was a great day for Annandale football!!!!!


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