ABGC Football Star Named Youth Player of the Year

ABGC Football LogoABGC youth football standout, Dakwandre (Dre) Marshall has been named a youth Player of the Year by the Northern Virginia Football Hall of Fame. Dre played Running back and Linebacker for ABGC’s 115lb football team this season. His coaches had this to say about Marshall’s skills:

Dakwandre Marshall (Dre) is an outstanding athlete who uses his ability and potential to strive as hard as he can to accomplish a win in every game played. He is an experienced player who natural athletic ability which helps him to improve and grow. He led his team to the County semi-finals and was selected as Captain of the Team. His character on the field as a leader is what any coach would love to have in their players, he hustles, plays hard and competitively all the time, giving 100 percent plus effort in practice and games. Dre is always the player to say, “I can make it happen coach.” He’s also a great teammate and if player(s) loose confidence in themselves, he was always there to provide encourage during practice and games.

Dre played Running back and Linebacker, he had 968 yards rushing, 28 rushing TD’s, 20 solo tackles, 28 assist tackles

Dre attends Luther Jackson Middle School, he’s an 8th grader and maintains a “B” average, Dakwandre is an outstanding student and young man. His teachers say he works hard and makes sure his education comes first. He understands that academics is important to be successful in life so he not only looks at football as his livelihood, he knows without good grades and behavior he would not be successful in life. Dre consistently demonstrates respect for his teachers, classmates and school property. Because of Dakwandre Marshall’s leadership, dedication and character, he was selected as a Youth “Player of the Year” at Northern Virginia Football Hall of Fame Banquet this week.

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