Congrats to our ABGC athletes

ABGC is proud to announce two Annandale athletes are among the newest members of the Northern Virginia Football Hall of Fame.  Here is a little about each athlete from their coaches.

Brian Boyd – ABGC Football

Brian Boyd’s leadership was a great asset to his team this season and he was the Captain of his Team. It’s rare that you get a player that is always enthusiastic about football like Brian. He exemplified the essence of sportsmanship on and off the field and his character on the field as a leader is what any coach would love to have on his team. Brian plays hard and hustles, giving you 100 percent plus in practice and games.  Even more, Brian cheers his teammate on and encourages them to keep their heads up, and work hard to improve themselves.  Brian attends Braddock Elementary School, as a 5th grader who maintains an “A” average.  His teachers say he works hard always making sure his education come first.  While Brian sees football as his livelihood some day, he knows without good grades and behavior he will not be successful in life.  This season Brian rushed for 650 yards along with 15 TD’s from his Running back position. He also played outside linebacker where he made 20 solo tackles and assists on 56 others.  He had 1 interception that he return for 45 yards and recovered 3 fumbles.  As a young man, Brian has demonstrated his ability to provide his service outside of football, including his participation in the 5K  Run for Young Men In Motion.  Because of Brain Boyd’s dedication, he was selected as ABGC’S “Player of the Year.”

Aaliyah Maiorana – ABGC Cheerleader

Aaliyah Maiorana is not only a phenomenal cheerleader, but an absolute gem to the ABGC Youth Cheerleading Squad and anyone who comes in contact with her.  She began cheering with our group 3 years ago. Not sure if there was a miscommunication with our initial Open House date, but she was the only cheerleader to attend.  Without hesitation Aaliyah cheered alongside Coach Kayee as if there was a field of spectators and asked when can she come back to cheer some more.  She never lost her enthusiasm for cheerleading. She always demonstrates dedication to her squad and consistently performs well. Aaliyah’s peers gravitate towards her because she makes them feel special.  She assists with motivating children with special needs and sets a good example for peers. Aaliyah has volunteered to be in groups at school with Autistic students so that she can help them. She encourages others to make positive choices and be respectful citizens. She is an excellent leader and a very charismatic student.   Even while in Kindergarten Aaliyah stood out as a student government representative.  She has shown academic excellence and growth reading above her grade level. Aaliyah has the biggest spirit for such a little person and is just an AWESOME little lady!

A Blast from the Past

Soccer standouts Eric and Greg Myren and Gayle Smith Wilson, all former ABGC players, have been inducted into the Mclean High School Hall of Fame. Greco played with the Annandale Cavaliers National Championship in ’76 and played for North Carolina State. Eric Myren played on the Annandale Apprentice National Champions in ’82 and for  the University of Connecticut won the NCAA Championship   Gayle Smith Wilson was a ’92 Finalist in the National Womens Amateur Cup and  played All American for the University of VA.  You can see their bios and more about the 2013 Hall of Fame inductees on the McLean Hall of Fame website

Congrats to all of our ABGC awardees…past and present!

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