Annandale Lax Registration Underway

PCAlogoAnnandale Lacrosse is proud to announce we’ve received  a Sportmanship Grant from US Lacrosse and the Positive Coaching Alliance for the 2014 Spring season!  Through this grant AYL will receive two workshops hosted by PCA – one for our Annandale coaches and another for our parents.

In case you’re not familiar with the Positive Coaching Alliance, this organization is the nation’s leading non-profit devoted to creating positive, character-building youth sports experiences.  When you consider that over 70% of youth athletes quit sports by the time their 13 because it just “isn’t fun anymore” it’s clear something needs to be done to re-adjust our priorities as youth athletics coaches and administrators.  PCA’s  motto is  “Better Athletes, Better People” and we at Annndale Youth Lacrosse share their goals of encouraging competitive play that also allows our athletes to grow as people and teammates.


At Annandale Youth Lacrosse our motto is Practice Hard — Play Strong — Love Lacrosse.  Join us for our 2014 Spring season and we’re convinced you’ll learn to love the nation’s fastest growing sport as much as we do!

Registration for boys and girls, ages 7 to 14, is now underway.  Go to for more information or email us at

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