Annandale Baketball Bulldogs Hit the Road for Nationals

July is a busy month for our boys and girls basketball teams.  Good luck to the Bulldogs heading to national tournaments this month!

U16 Boys

USBA Nationals

Myrtle Beach, SC

July 9th-14th

Coach Roy

U15 (Lady Bulldogs)

USA Invitational (Biggest Tournament on the East Coast)- NCAA Certified

York, PA

July 5th-8th

Coach Murphree

USJN Nike Championship- NCAA Certified


July 25th-28th

U15 Boys (9th Grade)

D1 Nationals

Little Rock, AR

July 10th-15th

Coach Lee

U14 Boys (8th Grade)

D2 Nationals

Orlando, FL

July 20th-26th

Coach Harris

U12 Boys (6th Grade)

D2 Nationals

Hampton, VA

July 16th-22nd

Coach Kenney

U11 Boys (5th Grade)

D3 6th Grade Nationals

Hampton, VA

July 12th-15th

Coach Reid

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